Booomtag NFC Black-Yellow

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It happens... sometimes we lose our precious gear. This Booomtag NFC allows a finder to reach out and get it back to you. Stick it. Scan it, and... booom, your contact details are safe. Locked behind our gateway, respecting and protecting your privacy.

Anyone with a recent model smartphone can scan this Booomtag NFC to contact its rightful owner. Lost. Scan. Found. Returned like a boomerang.

S - diameter 40mm
Best size for helmet/hardshell harnass/ski*
Scan strength ★☆☆

M - diameter 50mm
Best size for kiteboard/snowboard
Scan strength ★★★

L - diameter 60mm
Best size for surfboard/sailboat
Scan strength ★★★

• A waterproof gem on any product
• No visible name or numbers on your gear
• Up to three SOS emergency numbers
• Full control over your details
• Avoid unnecessary Search And Rescue operations

How it works
1. Stick the Booomtag NFC on your gear
2. Activate the NFC reader on your smartphone
3. Scan the Booomtag NFC, create free account and register
4. Booom. Protected. Easy.

How to apply
• Apply on a flat or slightly curved, smooth and solid surface
• Clean the surface properly
• Apply with firm pressure

Do not apply on metal because this might interfere with the signal. In some cases, carbon fiber can also interfere with the signal.

Special Booomtags for on-metal and on-carbon are in development.
*For (water) ski`s we will develop special pair sets, available in 2021.

All consumer Booomtags comes with 2 years of warranty and lifetime free online account. Web based, no App installs needed!

We ship two times a week by regulair post, you don`t need to stay at home. Delivery within Europe 🤩🚀🙏🏻 

Read more about booomtag and the platform behind it.