Booomtag® NFC Card Black

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It happens. Sometimes we lose our precious gear. This booomtag® allows any finder to reach out to get it back to you. Lost. Scan. Found and returned like a boomerang!

Hang it. Scan it, and... booom, your contact details are safe. Locked behind our gateway, respecting and protecting your privacy. 

This booomtag® is ideal for your luggage, backpacks, wallets, etc.

Diameter 85,5x54 mm
Scan strength 5/5

• Protect your valuables
• A gem on any product 
• Your name and number is not visible to anyone
• Up to three SOS/ICE emergency numbers per account
• Full control over your details
• Avoid unnecessary Search And Rescue operations

How it works
1. Put the NFC booomtag® card in your wallet or a suitcase - or anything :)
2. Activate (the NFC reader on) your smartphone
3. Scan the NFC booomtag® to register and create your free account 
4. Booom. Protected. Easy.

2 years warranty and a lifetime free online account - 3 years premium features.
Web based, no App needed!

We ship twice a week by regular mail. Delivery within Europe 🤩🚀🙏🏻 

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